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St. Columba School was established in 1832 by a Scottish Christian missionary couple Dr.John Wilson and Mrs. Margaret Wilson. Their main aim was to start a school for girls. Mrs.Margaret Wilson believed that education is of great importance, as it respects the moral and intellectual progress of our country. The school was named after a saint , St. Columba(AD 521-597) from Scotland. The school is now managed by the able and benevolent John Wilson Education Society and owned by the Church of North India.

In over 180 Year of its existence, St. Columba has thrived and strived tirelessly and successfully contributed in developing students who have made their mark on national and International level in all walks of life. The school which has been a strong pioneer of excellence in education has always believed in moving ahead with the times. St. Columba has had a proud and glorious past. It has an enriching and fulfilling present and definitely a promising future!

About St.Columba ICSE Co-Ed Pre-School

St. Columba ICSE Co-Ed Preparatory School is an Unaided School run under the aegis of the John Wilson Education Society.

St. Columba School has always believed in widening its horizons and moving ahead. The School has embarked on a new venture and opened a new section of Pre-School, which will enable students to attain international standards and empower them to become global citizens.

Getting into the right school is never an accident. It is only through careful planning and decision. St. Columba ICSE Pre-School provides and implements the best of educational services and framework required for further international education.

Preparing the child to gain admission in reputed ICSE and IB schools is the sole aim of St. Columba ICSE Preparatory School.


St. Columba ICSE preparatory school for Pre - Schoolers envisions an environment condusive for a child's growth in today's modernized world. The school offers experiential and multisensory learning activities to enhance the intellectual, physical, emotional and cultural aspects of each child. Our vision is to give each pre-schooler a chance to unfold and actualize their unique potential.


Our mission is to provide an opportunity to every student to maximize his/ her potential by not only highlighting academic learning but also developing character and elevating talent.

Our Objectives

Personalised Education and Care

St. Columba takes pride in its personalized approach towards enlightenment of young minds. We follow a multiple intelligence approach considering the fact that each child learns differently. We cater to kinaesthetic, audio as well as visual learners. Our approach allows the child to learn through fun filled activities that brings about a holistic development.


Our learning centre is well equipped with modern educational toys, spacious air conditioned classrooms with every nook and corner providing a different learning experience, lush green garden giving a glimpse of nature and a specialised sensory garden that will help children to stimulate their senses.


In order to ensure best early education, our curriculum is crafted by child psychologists. We ensure that learning coincides with the developmental goal, so that children are joyfully engaged in the learning process.


We follow stringent hygiene standards for maintaining high levels of cleanliness. Healthy snacks are prepared with a dietician’s consultation. We want our little ones to enjoy their nutritious snacks, so we ensure there is no repetition throughout the month.

Safety and Transparency

Keeping in mind the tender age of our young learners, child safety is our top priority. We ensure CCTV cameras all over our premises. Children will never be handed over to an unauthorized person.

Strong Foundation for a brilliant upbringing

We provide a strong educational foundation in order to nurture our young minds with love and personal care. Our ultimate goal is to bring about an overall development in our learners.


Preparatory School

Preparatory School

St. Columba ICSE Co-Ed Preparatory Schoolwill provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment where learning flourishes. It reflects an understanding that children learn through active involvement and play to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways. It utilizes developmentally appropriate materials and practices that enhance the child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

With improved coordination and thinking the world begins to open up for pre-schoolers. Our Teachers enhance physical skills, introduces language, science and social skills in a natural sequence to enable learning step by step. We provide individual attention suited to the child's unique needs to facilitate learning and development. Inside the Pre-schooler’s day each day the child explores a variety of concepts through pretend play, stories and other activities. They observe and create simple patterns, working independently and art, learn language concepts.

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